• Who is Simple Storage?

    We’re a simple team of guys and girls, but we get storage. We’re here to make self-storage a hassle-free experience by making it mobile, and doing all the hard stuff so you can concentrate on your travel plans, or finding somewhere to live, or catching up with friends, surfing, or eating cake – whatever you’re good at.

    We want to provide you with such a high level of service that moving or storing your precious belongings won’t cause any unnecessary anxiety, heartache or broken relationships.

    Simple Storage is owned by Thirdeye Australia, a company that has been deep in the business of storage for more than a decade. We’re the guys who build and store marketing assets for brands such as TelstraVolkswagen and Triple M; and we store the sets of some of Australia’s favourite television shows such as X-Factor and AGT in our facility in Alexandria, NSW. Your things will be stored there too, so if Telstra and X-Factor trust us, you can too.

    Where is Simple Storage based?

    Simple Storage is located at 10 Moore St, Beaconsfield, Sydney 2019.

    Come and visit us any time you like, and we can show you around our clean, safe and secure warehouse.

    I live in regional NSW, will you travel to me?

    We’re currently only open to Sydneysiders seeking storage solutions (try saying that out loud) at the moment, but stay tuned for more regional warehouses in Victoria and Queensland. Feel free to call us tho and we can try to find a solution that works for all of us. We’re here to help in any way we can.

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